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Searching for a break from burnout? Recharge with outdoor yoga and wine tasting

Searching for a break from burnout? Recharge with outdoor yoga and wine tasting

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Recently, my full-time work hours shifted and I lost my flexibility to telecommute.  I am always rushing from the office to run errands or finish a project for my consulting business.  Not truly having time to relax on the weekends increased my stress levels.  

Time is our most valuable asset.  We can't re-capture moments after they have vanished.  I thought the value I placed on my work ethic would somehow pay off.  It actually created more challenges, obligations, responsibilities and expenses!  My health is really suffering as well.  I have very limited self care time to unwind and nurture my creative soul.

This was my second yoga and wine tasting experience at McGrail Vineyards in Livermore. 

The evening was cold and breezy.  Yoga mats on the lawn infused me with a sudden calmness.  I was skeptical whether I would be focused enough for the entire hour of yoga due to the cold and windy conditions.  

These distractions slowly drifted away as the group moved through various poses.

When trying to keep my physical balance, I became more focused, with a singular goal of avoiding wobbling or losing my balance completely.  


Afterwards, I was able to contemplate and reflect on how one hour of my time could drastically shift my perspective.

The memory of having rushed to the venue faded and as I stared at the blue sky.  I was able to take my time breathing and enjoying being outdoors.  

The message of the yoga instructor that day was gratitude.  How often do we stop to reflect on our gratitude?  

Apparently, gratitude and the expression of gratitude is a lietmotif this week.  I stumbled across this article today:  My Company Grew 800 Percent in a Year After I Made This Mindset Shift Grow.   It's a great read, even if you're not a CEO ready to scale your business.

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To circle back to my relaxing and reflection-filled evening, wine tasting while enjoying a beautiful sunset was an added bonus.  The winery staff was friendly and the nosh was tasty.  

Cheers to gratitude!

Here are some great articles I found about the practice of gratitude:

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