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SLO County weekend excursion (part 1)

SLO County weekend excursion (part 1)

The sense of community here is genuine.  If you're looking for a weekend getaway, there is a plethora of relaxing, leisurely activities.   For folks looking for a slower pace, the beaches along the coast in San Luis Obispo County will exceed anyone's expectations.

My friend and I maximized our weekend by leaving the Bay Area early on a Saturday morning and once we reached 101 S, there was a bit of traffic all the way to Gilroy.  The plan was an overnighter in San Simeon and to stop in Paso Robles southbound and also on our return trip.

Sitting in slow traffic, we discussed the list of wineries to visit and prioritized the few must-visit places.  The list was long so we had to whittle it down but both of us were imbued with wanderlust and the spirit of adventure so we decided to keep the itinerary somewhat structured yet flexible.

Our first stop in Paso Robles was Eberle Winery.  Enticed by the cave tours, this place was first on my list.  We stepped in from the 90 degree heat to an air conditioned and crowded tasting room.  We received a welcoming greeting from a staff member and each received a sticker of a boar.  

In German, eberle is "small boar" and Gary Eberle is the winemaker, hence the boar logo and sculptures of boars located on the property including a wooden one underground.

The wine tasting and cave tours are complimentary here.  We tried a couple of wines and headed outside to join the next cave tour.  The tour was informative and especially so for anyone interested in knowing the price differences between American and French oak barrels, as well as the micro climates on the hillsides in the region and how the heat promotes sugars in the grapes while the cool nights increase tannins.  

There's a banquet room in the caves for special occasions and also a VIP tasting area.  This would be a perfect way to celebrate an anniversary or for a wedding reception.  

After the cave tour, we finished our wine tasting.  The beautiful vines greeted us as we returned to the heat as we stepped outside.  There's a bocce ball court and also an outdoor seating area to enjoy a bottle (or two) of wine.  

Also,  there's a 40 percent discount on all merch for military folks!

The friendly, relaxed vibe combined with the enthralling scenery was the perfect kick off to our weekend getaway.  

Have you been to Eberle Winery?  What were your experiences?  Feel free to add comments and feedback!


Port and friendship in Castro Valley...

Port and friendship in Castro Valley...

For the love of Zin!  Day-trip to Lodi

For the love of Zin! Day-trip to Lodi